Remember how your high school yearbook had the "Most Likely to be President" guy or the "Most Likely to be Famous" girl? Of course you do, even if you're trying to block those years from your memory forever. In honor of that awkward tradition, I've created The Football Chik's, Most Likely List - a weekly (but don't hold me to that) 10-point list of bold predictions about sports, culture, music, movies, reality tv, absolute nonsense, and of!


Most likely to not be as efficient as he was early last year (especially if he doesn't have Dwayne Bowe), but still be an upgrade from Matt Cassel and lead the Chiefs to playoff contention in a weak division: Alex Smith

Most likely to never start another meaningful game in the NFL again: Matt Cassel

Most likely to become the darling of Hollywood and get any part she wants: Jennifer Lawrence

Most likely to not rush for more yards than Adrian Peterson next year even though he said he would: Chris Johnson

You're telling me one of these people is 46 years older than the other?  (Getty Images)

Most likely to be considered the best player in the 2013 NFL Draft by the end of next season: Jarvis Jones

Most likely to be caught lying about her age: Adele (she is the oldest looking 24 year old on the planet).

Most likely to never host the Oscars again (by his own admission): Seth MacFarlane

Most likely to not be a Green Bay Packer next season: Jermichael Finely

Most likely to be villainized for everything he does: LeBron James

Most likely to go down as the best player of all time (for serious): LeBron James

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