Remember how your high school yearbook had the "Most Likely to be President" guy or the "Most Likely to be Famous" girl? Of course you do, even if you're trying to block those years from your memory forever. In honor of that awkward tradition, I've created The Football Chik's, Most Likely List - a weekly (but don't hold me to that) 10-point list of bold predictions about sports, culture, music, movies, reality tv, absolute nonsense, and of!




Most likely to lead the NFL in passing yards next year: Matt Ryan

Most likely to be a 2013 fantasy sleeper: DuJuan Harris

Most likely to sleep late and miss his Wonderlic test: Tyler Bray

Most likely to win Best Actor on Sunday: Daniel Day-Lewis

Most likely starting running back that will lose playing time to younger up-start: Ray Rice

Most likely to get a huge jump in jersey sales based on his All-Star Weekend performance and this move: Kyrie Irving

Most likely Grammy winner that you'll never hear from again: Gotye

Most likely to impress at the Combine: Geno Smith

Most likely to kill it at the Oscars: Ben Affleck in his Best Picture acceptance speech

Most likely to see the biggest increase in touches because of his new coach: LeSean McCoy

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