Do you ever wonder how good athletes would be if they played a different sport? Maybe Allen Iverson would of been the best soccer player ever with his tremendous speed, quickness and agility. Perhaps Andre Agassi would of broken Pete Rose's hits record with his superior hand-eye coordination and smooth swing. Of course, we'll never know. But it's fun to guess! These are my best guesses as to what current non-football athletes would make the best football players. Just for fun, I broke it out as if it were a fantasy football roster with starters by position and a bench. OMG I'm craving football!

QB : Dwyane Wade -- Guard, Miami Heat (Basketball) -- Wade is 6'4" and 220 lbs. He's fast, fearless, has the swag to be a leader (2006 NBA Finals MVP) and the smarts to hand the ball off (LeBron in 2012). Do you know what current NFL quarterback is 6'4", slightly over 220 lbs., is fast, fearless and has mad swag? Colin Kaepernick. Wade was the prototypical quarterback before the prototypical quarterback even existed. And just in case you questioned his arm strength or accuracy, just check out this clip...

RB : Eric Staal -- Center, Carolina Hurricanes (Hockey) -- At 6'4" and 205 lbs. Staal would be a perfect running back. He's big, fast, and has great vision, evident by his 35 assists in the shortened NHL season (6th in the league). And since he's a hockey player he must be tough as nails.

RB : Rafael Nadal -- Men's Tennis Player, Spain (Tennis) -- Nadal is 6'1", 190 lbs., and plays like a bull. He's fast, aggressive and smart - perhaps the three best qualities a running back can have.

WR : Russell Westbrook -- Guard, Oklahoma City Thunder (Basketball) -- Of all the players on this list, I think Westbrook missed his calling the most. Maybe it's because he plays with Kevin Durant and will always be overshadowed by his teammate, or maybe it's because he could of been the best receiver of all-time. Imagine the 6'3" guard running like a deer down the field and out-jumping the poor cornerback trying to cover him. He'd be a cross between Victor Cruz and Dez Bryant. Yikes!

WR : Matt Kemp -- Center Fielder, Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball) -- Kemp's nickname is "The Bison" because of his imposing size and his surprising speed. It's very unusual for a guy who's 6'2", 225 lbs. to steal as many bases as he does. What receiver would he compare to? Andre Johnson comes to mind.

WR : Mike Trout -- Center Fielder, Los Angeles Angels (Baseball) -- Down the highway from Kemp is Mike Trout, who many consider the best player in baseball and he's only 21. He might have been the best player in football if his dad - a former baseball player - didn't convince him follow in his footsteps. Wikipedia is the best.

TE : LeBron James -- Forward, Miami Heat (Basketball) -- How amazing would this be? Combine the speed of Vernon Davis, the length of Calvin Johnson, the hands of Rob Gronkowski, the agility of C.J. Spiller, and the strength of Clay Matthews. That's LeBron. He might be as unstoppable in the NFL as he is in the NBA.

WR / RB : Usain Bolt -- Sprinter, Jamaica (Track & Field) -- Bolt had to make the team somewhere. The fastest human in history would definitely be a great flex player.

K : Cristiano Ronaldo -- Forward, Real Madrid (Soccer) -- Pretty boy Ronaldo would be a great kicker. He could trot onto the field a few times a game and use his canon leg to boom field goals and the rest of the time could sit on the sidelines pampering himself.

Bench QB : Jeff Francoeur -- Right Fielder, Kansas City Royals (Baseball) -- Francoeur has a rocket arm and pinpoint accuracy. In's ranking of the best arms in baseball, Francoeur was the runaway winner.

Bench RB : Mario Balotelli -- Forward, AC Milan (Soccer) -- Balotelli is a 6'2", 195 lbs. hot-headed wild man with amazing bursts of speed and power.

Bench WR : Kevin Durant -- Forward, Oklahoma City Thunder (Basketball) -- Take all of Calvin Johnson - 235 lbs. of speed, hands and hops - and then add 4 more inches.

Bench TE : Blake Griffin -- Forward, Los Angeles Clippers (Basketball) -- Imagine this on a football field...

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AuthorWilliam Tuttle